Those were the Days

Athletes reflect back to look for significant moments and impressions formed in their sports career.

"At that time, we all ran for sportmanship, for country, and for the love of sports."
Mary Klass

"I was the only schoolboy to qualify for the Olympics in 1956 in Melbourne, Australia. It was quite an awesome experience and I met big names, including American athlete, Robert Morrow who went on to win the 100m gold."
Kesavan Soon

"One of the significant moments in my career was meeting American Olympian Jesse Owens in the 50s."
Lim Jit Imm

"Some of the moments in my athletics career were winning the sprint double at the 1966 Asian Games in Bangkok and earning the accolade of the 'fastest man in Asia'."
Mani Jegathesan

"The guys used to joke that I was so good on the curve because my left leg was shorter than my right leg."
Low Sin Chock

"As for significant moments in Singapore's athletics history, I would single out Chee Swee Lee winning the 400m gold in the 1974 Asian Games in Tehran."
C. Kunalan

"Winning for Singapore on home grounds at the 1973 SEA Games was one of my proudest moments."
Noor Azhar Hamid

"One of my best races was at the 1973 SEAP Games in Singapore where I beat the Burmese runner, Than Than, in the 200m."
Glory Barnabas

"I was delighted to be named Sportswoman of the Year in 1976 and 1980 as the award is one of the biggest achievements for every athlete."
K. Jayamani

"As for traits developed from my sport, I will single out discipline. If you want to succeed, you need discipline."
Sng Sze Hiang

"ACS coach Tan Soo Hian was instrumental in developing me as an athlete. He was not a strict coach but he was effective. Also he was very kind. I came from an ordinary family and didn't have any money to buy spikes."
Tang Weng Fei

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